Intergenerational Discovery Tour at the Frisbie Senior Center

DPCFseniorsDespite age gaps, participants had more in common than they originally believed.

Following the Des Plaines Community Foundation’s mission statement to bring together our city’s assets to improve the lives of those who live and work in Des Plaines, members of the Frisbie Senior Center, Des Plaines Health and Human Services, Maine West Clinical Government students and the Des Plaines Community Foundation came together to share thoughts with each other, talk about personal experiences, enjoy new company, get to know each other and have lunch on June 17, 2013.

Not only did everyone — young and old — enjoy the wide-range of conversations, they learned from each other despite their age differences. In fact, they had more in common than not.

“The younger generations may not listen to the same music as mine, but regardless of your age, everybody likes some kind of music,” said Executive Director, Rosemary Argus. “That is a common ground. While this generation grew up with so much new technology coming about, mine saw the proliferation of the automobile, then television. That shows each generation has similar experiences that the other can relate to. This was just a wonderful day with people of all ages sharing their life’s experiences.”