IMI Cornelius Company Chooses Our Foundation for Funding

Engineer David Joyce Recommends His Grandmother’s Favorite Organization

On June 13, Rosemary Argus gave a presentation on the Des Plaines Community Foundation’s mission statement, programs and projects to representatives of IMI Cornelius Company, a global beverage dispensing and cooling equipment supplier.

She had been invited by IMI to take part in the company’s 150-year anniversary, which they celebrated by having its 15,000 employees engage in local charity work.

Each of the 300 Glendale Heights employees had recently made a local impact by donating time and money to local charities.

David Joyce, Argus’ oldest grandson and an engineer at thecompany, recommended the DPCF for funding.

Five other non-for-profits wer einterviewed and selected for funding that day and DPCF later received a check for $1,000.

To document and share Ms. Argus’ presentation, her comments were videotaped to be shown to employees in the future.

“It was honor to have been selected for funding by IMICornelius Company,” said Rosemary Argus, Executive Di-rector. “It made it even more special that my oldest grandson helped make this happen. I am very proud and thankful to him for recommending the Foundation for funding!”