Des Plaines Community Foundation Gives Free Bike Helmets to Kids

Hundreds turn out for the Des Plaines Park District Spring Fun Fair


Hundreds of Des Plaines families enjoyed free activities at the sixth annual Des Plaines Park District Spring Fun Fair on Saturday, May 18, at the Mountain View Adventure Center. As we have for the past six years, the Des Plaines Community Foundation came to fit children for free bike helmets. Every year 100 bike helmets are given free ofcharge. Dr. Michael Bagby (whose idea it was, in the firstplace) and his crew of volunteers unpack the helmets andproceed to fit the children in line for the free. “This is awonderful event for families,” said Rosemary Argus, Ex-ecutive Director for the Des Plaines Community Founda-tion. “It is great to see so many families come out and weare happy that we can provide free bicycle helmets everyyear. We know the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet when riding a bike and are happy to help the children of Des Plaines.”